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ZUBROWSKA - Family Vault
Family Vault


Family Vault

CAT. #:

XM 027 CD


CD [33:27]




01. From Hell
02. Intro
03. Coved
04. Maniac Rockers From Darkness
05. Vampire Killin' Kit
06. Pay To Play
07. 'Cause I Just Can Love Some Dead Persons
08. Through The Sky
09. In the House Of Seven Deads
10. What a Wonderful World

Second album of this awesome band hailing out from France (Toulouse), that once again stick to their now personaly style that combines the best elements of brutal Death and Metalcore. If their debut album took the scene by surprise, this sophomore attack just confirms them as one of the strongest forces to reckon in their genre!!

“Family Vault” gathers 10 tracks of brilliant musicianship combining the technic and velocity of CRYPTOPSY, the complex craziness of THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, the heavy and catchy riffs of DYING FETUS, the hysteria of PIG DESTROYER, the weird chords and song structures of CONVERGE and the unexpected mixture of CEPHALIC CARNAGE... all this enriched with two dynamic vocalists and helped with a powerful and crystal-clear production & powerful mastering at West West Music (usa).

Weren’t you tired of finding the same elements over and over in Death Metal and Metalcore?? Now you have a combination of both styles blended in an unique way.


Brutalism.com (hol) - July 2008
Twan Sibon
New album from these French death metalcore company. As I liked their previous work I couldn't wait to hear this. And again they have managed to create an album that is massive in freaky items. They change tempo, melody or style in a flick of a switch and very easily. But still they play chatchy tunes. Not only to jump, dive or mosh but also to enjoy with some beer in your hand. This album is one you have to hear a lot and still discover new items. Hoorah...

Rockezine.net (hol) - August 2005
Zubrowska, the name alone reeks of vodka, too many broken nights and head-splitting hangovers. Oddly enough, they do not hail from Russia but from la belle France. If they came up with that name on a booze-filled evening I don’t know but the result is sure as hell material for an excruciating headache.
The 10 tracks on “Family Vault” show resemblance to the jazzy-grindcore-death metal genre that is gaining popularity rapidly. Bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan, Cephalic Carnage, Converge and to a lesser extent Cryptopsy and Dying Fetus all have that ‘twenty-good-ideas-crammed-into-one-song”-complex, spinning and turning through tempo changes, rhythm changes and vocal styles. Zubrowska is an exponent of this subgenre but instead of twenty, they’re trying to put like thirty ideas into one song and the result is a bit too overwhelming for the senses.

Sure, it sounds really aggressive and the individual pieces are great, these guys can play fucking tight and the vocals are very diverse (a bit alike to Gorerotted, now that I think of it) but the transitions between the parts of the tracks are many times too abrupt. It takes away the cohesion of the album and this is certainly a thing they can improve upon.

Having said that I can conclude that I like this album and that it shows some real potential, let’s hope that this will bear fruit with the next release.

Live4Metal.com (usa) - August 2005
Pete Woods
These six French men are a bunch of lunatics, and Zubrowska is the prefect excuse to exercise every reprehensible demon lurking in the twisted domain of their warped little minds. Named after the Vodka by the same name albeit a spelling change, it’s probably a case of inebriated hysterics that is aiding the disjointed, irregular mood swings of unbranded Metalcore on the 33 minutes of ‘Family Vault’! I say unbranded because to place this band in a rigid uncompromised label is unfair, they are beyond this. If you think Botch, Converge, Curlupanddie and this kind of hyperventilated spew of disorderly song structures and complexity, you get part of what Zubrowska are about. Like the mentioned acts it’s as
though Zubrowska are inhaling titanic breaths before every song, just so they can spit them out in one breathless exertion. Again like these acts, the intensity is unbearable you don’t know which way to move, or even how to move, you kind of become a redundant pile of flesh on the floor! Because there are six members it is easy to image how many different influences and ideas will filter into the band, the ultra intense metalcore is not the only factor in Zubrowska. Some very chunky riffs pile in a death metal brutality to the music; this is backed up by some gurgling, gut-deep roars. There are two vocalists, Clod and Ben, so while Clod is finding whatever nasty sounds he can from the bottom of his stomach, Ben on the other hand screams himself senseless in a more hardcore style. ‘From Hell’ the opening track is the embodiment of Hell’s very wrath unleashed in a horrific thundering cyclone. The cross-over between insane metalcore and death metal is fairly fluent throughout the album, but I stress this isn’t always the case. It may not be to everyone’s tastes, but despite the sharp twists in form and the mixture of styles, it still maintains bags of infectious groove, and the songs remain relatively listenable and don’t become too contrived for their own good. A problem some acts have, don’t you think The Dillinger Escape Plan (fools!) Zubrowska can balance their abilities for shape- shifting insanity. It is good stuff as you can probably guess by now, but there is one fact that holds this group back. This is the reality that there are quite a few bands like this out there at the moment, and to be fair it is difficult for Zubrowska to compete with the like of Mastodon, Cephalic Carnage, Converge and Pig Destroyer. These acts are well deserving of all the grand accolades that they receive. They all mix different genres of metal, with compelling consequences, and are consistent in doing so, here Zubrowska fall short of the mark. They are most definitely dynamic and at times can produce some fantastic moments during ‘Family Vault’ like the mentioned ‘From Hell’ and will be able to pull it off in parts of other songs like ‘Pay to Play’ which has some great grind sections but lose out to average moments of screaming hardcore. This makes ‘Family Vault’ a good album, but in no way essential. There is better than this for sure, but by the same measure there is a lot worse!

Metal-March Webzine (por) - July 0005
Was not expecting this, was not expecting this at all! Whenever I'm pissed I feel like listening to some Brutal Death Metal, even though I'm not really a fan (very picky about the bands, I am), and Xtreem Music always delivers some pretty brutal stuff. Had this promo from them for a couple of weeks from a band named Zubrowska whose name, if I understood correctly, comes from the famous vodka but with an "s", since Ska-Punk bands are very popular in their country (France).

Formed only in 2001, the French soon got the attention from the Metal community with their original, to say the least, music. "Family Vault" is their newest release, and just before listening to it something caught my eye. It seems they had two singers, which is not very usual in Death Metal bands, at least the brutal kind. Nonetheless, Zubrowska come described as a Brutal Deathcore band, so it's not really the same thing. But one thing's for sure, they do have something original going on here, at least different from the usual stuff you listen to in both Death Metal and Hardcore albums. Not that I have anything against that, but a fresh breeze is always welcome.

So what can we really expect from Zubrowska's "Family Impact"? Well, it's hard to say, really. The pace is fast and the music is brutal, and fortunately there aren't those gutturing vocals that after a while just get annoying. Well, there are some, but never to a point that they mess up anything.
What else can be said? If you're a fan of both styles there's just no way in a million years you can let this one slide, fucking brutal!





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